• Dave and Lynn Shows

    Over the years we have had great experiences with Bo Evans Realty on buying, selling, and renting our properties. In 1997, we purchased a new home through Bo Evans Realty. In 2001, we purchased a second home with them as well. With a little apprehension on our part at the time, instead of selling the first home we converted the first purchase into a rental property with Bo Evans Realty becoming the property manager. This home has been rented for thirteen years now with a great history of renters. Thanks to Bo’s advice it has been one of the best investment decisions we have made. In 2011, we decided it was time again to purchase yet another home and again this was through Bo Evans Realty. That year we bought and sold a home with them as the listing agent. We had a signed contract within a month of the home we were selling. They have truly made each process a smooth transition. They have a very caring office staff that goes out of their way to help and address any concerns we have had over the years. We have and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Joey Lollar, Prattville, AL

    Last February, our family decided it was time to increase the size of our home, and we began looking for something bigger. Once it was determined that we were going to carry out this idea, we knew just who to list our home with – Bo Evans Realty. The team at Bo Evans Realty took us step by step through the listing process, using up to date market analyses to help us set an aggressive, but fair sale price of our home. This not only allowed us to gain the maximum value out of the home we sold, but it also helped the sale happen in a timely manner, rather than waiting months and months on the market. When it came to finding our new dream home, the team at Bo Evans Realty worked tirelessly, showing us each and every home we desired to visit, combing through the list of “must haves” that our family knew we wanted. Once we found the new home, Bo, Bryant and Vince with Bo Evans Realty made sure each detail was precisely the way it should be on the path to closing our new home. We have used other realtors before, and with Bo Evans Realty, the process was painless, smooth, and simple. Whenever any of my friends and family mention moving, there’s only one recommendation for me to give them, and that’s Bo Evans Realty!

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